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Jacqueline Campbell.

Jacqueline Campbell.

Hello, my name is Jacqueline Campbell.

Before being a charity worker, I was a science teacher for 20 years. In this time, I have managed and lead science departments in the most demanding inner city London schools. I loved teaching and investigating ways of raising achievement and use this knowledge to train teachers and raise standards of teaching and learning in schools and universities.
For me, my greatest passion was to show young people, no matter how challenging or difficult their behaviour was, just how rewarding and exciting learning science could be.

As a result of my brother’s suicide 10 years ago; I saw that there was little support for young teenagers suffering from stress, anxiety and depression.

Therefore I have founded a charity that supports young learners with skills to empower them to manage themselves for life.

We train mentors with an accredited program. They support young people in the community to manage their health and wellbeing.

We train professionals to identify a young person suffering from a mental health difficulty and when to refer them for extra support.

We do drama workshops in schools showing young people how to identify depression and anxiety in themselves (and others) and act in a way to change their mood.
My book, ‘Runs In The Family; a mums guide to raising emotionally intelligent children will be released on 4th October 2017 and is aimed at supporting parents, showing them ways of managing their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of their child.

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