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Mental Health at the heart of the Julian Campbell Foundation

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Who are we? Why do we exist? Due to popular demand, here is how we began Julian Campbell Foundation.

Julian Campbell Foundation (JCF) is named in memory of my brother Julian. Intelligent, gorgeous, handsome and very talented, he battled with bi polar disorder throughout his life. Due to his struggles, ten years ago, Julian took his own life.

I started thinking of all the things that if they were available for him, would have changed the outcome of his life. Also, as an ex school teacher, I knew that schools would be the best place to start! So, my question for everything was, what would Julian have thought? Would it have made a difference to him?

Prevention is the key!! We do this by showing young people and those around them how to identify mood and how to shift it when they are feeling stressed, anxious or depressed. This way, they can manage their mood for the rest of their lives.

To promote the importance of this, we started a youth wellbeing movement on World Mental Health day 10th October, where we will promote the importance of young people leading lives that inspire them for an altogether better mental health.

How else to we champion mental health?

  • We work in the community and train mentors (with an accredited course) who support young people in managing their wellbeing.
  • We do psycho drama workshops in schools. A fun way of getting an important message across.
  • We have a teacher training programme – to help them identify and manage their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of the children they teach.

We will be speaking more about the work we do next week. Please contact us for any questions.

Looking forward to hearing from you with any questions. Thanks for your support!

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