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HOPE FM, the 4th dimension

“On the 21st June 2021, One of JCF’s mentors Gemma, was invited onto a local radio show called HOPE FM, the 4th dimension at 7pm BST. Gemma spoke about the work the Julian Campbell Foundation does. It is a charity set up to help children, teenagers and young adults who have undiagnosed forms of mental distress such as stress, anxiety or depression. She mentioned how JCF has recently come under some hard times and the stress that Covid 19 has put on the organisation. Through the radio, Gemma was able to inform listeners of the life saving work JCF are doing and encourage them to donate. Gemma has a unique story within the charity, she has used our services as a mentee and has now become a mentor, helping other young people just like herself. She spoke about her own journey back from mental health. She is a real inspiration, and her story will help others to realise help is available if they are in the same situation.”

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