Julian Campbell Foundation

We are a charity set up to help children, teenagers and young adults who have undiagosed forms of mental distress such as stress, anxiety or depression.

Julian Campbell Foundation’s goal is to improve the lives of young people through early intervention and promotion of mental health in educational establishments, such as schools, colleges, universities by providing practical and emotional support to them and their families through befriending and mentoring service in a person-centred way.
‘Empowering young people to manage their wellbeing’


Please open your heart to kindness around us make life better

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‘Runs In The Family’: Raising Emotionally Healthy Children and Overcoming Mental Health Difficulties


Please open your heart to kindness around us make life better
Youth Well-Being Flash Mob Project

Tito Jackson, of the legendary The Jackson 5,  joined us at our Youth Well-Being Flash Mob Project‘s event. Performing his hit single ‘Get it baby’, he kicked off with a 4-minute flash mob dance in London’s Kings Cross Station, accompanied by the sensational hip hop 20-piece dance crew Entity Allstars. A stunning way to celebrate good mental health.

Our Youth Well Being Flash Mob Project is raising awareness of the importance of healthy lifestyles to promote well-being in young people from 10 to 25 years old.

How we make a difference
Onur,  a young man suffering from post-traumatic stress after being kidnapped and physically abused by a gang. His parents were very concerned for his welfare and wellbeing as he had dropped out of University and lost interest in activities that he had previously enjoyed.

After being supported and encouraged by his Julian Campbell Foundation mentor, Onur was accepted for an internship as a games and application developer for a local computer company.

His parents told us: “You have saved our son’s life“.

“Julian Campbell Foundation was a great support and helped me to identify and manage the moods more successfully. Through monitoring my moods on a daily basis it helped me to identify the different moods and realise the better days too. It helped me to see the highs and lows and to look at different aspects of my life to identify the triggers and causes to the moods.

This then enabled me to work on the areas of my life where I wanted to improve by setting simple and manageable goals and tasks

Jack, Julian Campbell Foundation’s mentee

Children’s mental health doesn’t get the highest priority and is sometimes misunderstood. The profile of mental health needs to be changed.

Julian Campbell Foundation’s drama workshop can be given at any time during their teenage years to show them how to raise their self esteem and overcome life’s challenges and is a great contribution to their [teenagers and young people] mental health and well being“.

Ms Maggie Lee, Deputy Head Teacher, Enfield County School (Partner Organisation)

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To support young people with mental health difficulties through mentoring services and training for professional staff and community members.