Would you like to become a mental health ambassador?

DONATE £500 to the Julian Campbell Foundation

Your £500 donation trains 2 mentors to support young people and their family for up to one year.
Your £500 donation enables 4 drama workshops to be held in a secondary school.
Be part of our movement and help us empower and enable our young people, giving them the skills to manage their wellbeing for the rest of their lives.

Why should I become your Ambassador?

Read the facts
One in five children
between the ages of
13 and 18 is affected by
a mental illness
50% of mental
illnesses in adulthood
are seen before the age
of 14 and 80%
by the age of 25
It can take up to
10 years between a
young person developing
the first symptoms
and the first
Early identification
and prevention of the
onset of mental illness
is the key to overcome
this crisis
Depression, anxiety and self-harm are the top cause of illness in young people from 10 to 24 years old in high-income countries.
Rates of depression and anxiety among teenagers have increased by 70 percent in the past 25 years.
Suicides in Universities are at an all time high.
This is a global public health crisis and MUST be addressed.
What does the Julian Campbell Foundation do?

We train mentors with an accredited program and run drama workshops in schools showing young people how to identify depression and anxiety in themselves – and others – and act to change their moods.

Our Mentors

Our mentors support young people in the community to manage their health and wellbeing.

Our mentors identify a young person suffering from a mental health difficulty and can refer them for extra support.