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Working at the Julian Campbell Foundation can be a rewarding and useful experience – and there’s probably more ways of doing it than you might think.

As well as taking up a role in JCF, there are many other ways you can give your time – cheering, making a video blog, joining our campaigners, talking to the media and more.


Mentoring Co-ordinator

This postholder will oversee a two-year project to train and support teams of volunteer mentors who will work with young people in education and training.


To support and empower young people. Free training provided to achieve a Level 3 Mentoring qualification (awarded through NOCN, the National Open College Network).

Please contact us at for more information.

Mentoring in Enfield Secondary Schools

We are pleased to announce that the Julian Campbell Foundation are now piloting their mentoring services in Enfield secondary schools.
Results of the impact of our mentoring services will be available in May 2019.
For more information about this please contact us at writing “Enfield Pilot” as the subject reference.

Mentoring for the Julian Campbell Foundation

By Jacqueline Campbell

Since the death of my brother, I saw that there was a need for support from someone that isn’t a family member. Furthermore, I thought that if my brother, Julian, had someone to speak to about the issues that affected him, he wouldn’t have struggled as much as he did. I figured that he needed to speak with someone that understood what he was dealing with.

For these reasons I wrote an accredited course with a Level 3 mentoring qualification which has been approved and awarded through NOCN, the National Open College Network, to train our mentors who support young people in the community and schools.

What do the mentors learn? Amongst other things, our mentors learn how to listen to young people and listen FOR any situations they may be facing or struggling with, to identify their mood and know how to change them easily. At the end of the course, the mentors complete a case study task, where there are simulations of young people with real life situations and they (our budding mentors) need to judge how best to support the young people. Early identification is so important so our young people don’t accept what they’re dealing with as part of their everyday lives. It is common to see young people suffering from anorexia, stress, anxiety, depression or self-harming for up to 10 or more years before they get supported.

Our mentors have made a significant impact on the lives of young people and have gone on to work in other areas within mental health. They have supported and enabled youth to overcome difficult times in their lives, who were part of, or were being pursued by a gang, young people excluded from schools, struggling academically or refusing school, working or unemployed. Our mentors have supported young people in schools and universities from 11 to 25 years old.

How long is a young person supported? Each mentor supports a young person for 12 weeks as this is the time needed to form new habits, showing the young person how to manage their wellbeing. These tools can be used for ever.

How is it possible to get support from one of our mentors? Word of mouth is the most powerful because through this, we can speak with the parent and provide them and their son/daughter with support that would make a real difference. Also, families have contacted us through email or over the phone.

Its such a great feeling to see young people we have supported succeeding in their lives, accessing and succeeding in education when they were in fear of failing, managing their wellbeing instead of self medicating. It has been rewarding also to see such a positive impact on their lives and the lives of their families.


My brother Julian had bipolar disorder. My brother was intelligent, talented, and a delight.

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Runs in the Family

Written by Jacqueline Campbell ‘Runs in the Family’ looks at the insightful truths of mental health and young people.

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