Why become a JCF Volunteer?

Volunteers are the life blood of the organisation; they help run JCF effectively.


  • A chance to make a real difference to someone’s life.
  • Gain an exciting network of people and experiences.
  • Enhance your employability by developing new skills.


If you are interested in becoming a JCF mentor then we can offer you:

  • 8 weeks of classroom training
  • on a BTEC Certified course.
  • and a full CRB check certificate
  • 3 hours per week.
  • Reliability.
  • Commitment.
  • Ability to communicate well with people.

We need your Help

To bring relief when & where it is needed most

Stress, depression, and anxiety, once conditions experienced mainly by older people, now affect younger age groups. It is not uncommon for teenagers and young adults to suffer from stress, anxiety, and depression as they struggle to complete their education, pass examinations and survive in complex family arrangements. In addition, 50% of young people show signs of mental illness before 14 years old with 70% showing symptoms before 18 years old. It is these young people we wish to help.