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We believe that early intervention will help to prevent the onset of mental illness and we strive to form a happier youth by modelling and inspiring.

Already young people are suffering from mental health problems for up to ten years before they receive support. The waiting list for therapy can be months or years long depending on which area of the UK they live.

Suicides and self harm are at an all time high – up to three teenagers are committing suicide each week – making this a real public health crisis.

Among the collective supporting the Youth Wellbeing Movement, we have Linda Evans, Denise Pearson, Alan Smallman and many more. We are constantly looking for more prominent figures and exceptional people to promote our cause.

On UK Youth Wellbeing Movement 2017 and 2018 we organised surprise flashmob events at various high profile London locations, featuring Britain’s Got Talent winners and world under-16 dance champions, Entity All Stars, led by choreographer Tashan Muir.