Free school meals! HAF programme

This programme is only available for families in receipt of benefits related free School Meals in the Enfield Borough

This is a government scheme and Enfield Council has graciously commissioned Julian Campbell Foundation to deliver this initiative. This holiday provision is for young people who receive benefits-related free school meals.

We are here to ensure that the offer of free holiday club provision is available for all children eligible for and in receipt of free school meals in their area. JCF will be hosting workshops on nutrition that involve games and activities that are designed to educate and engage young people in this topic in a fun way.

Join us during these exciting times!

Julian Campbell Foundation

We are a charity set up to help children, teenagers and young adults who have undiagnosed forms of mental distress such as stress, anxiety or depression.

Julian Campbell Foundation

Our Goal

Mental Health Matters

Julian Campbell Foundation’s goal is to improve the lives of young people through early intervention and promotion of mental health in educational establishments.

We provide practical and emotional support to young people and their families through befriending and mentoring service in a person-centred way.

  • Primary and Secondary schools
  • Universities
  • Youth Offending Programs
  • Youth Centres
  • Work and Health Programmes
  • School Exclusion Programmes
  • Hearing Impaired

Empowering young
people to manage their wellbeing

To promote mental health and well-being in our society


Mentoring Programme

  • We work in the community and train mentors (with an accredited course) who support young people in managing their wellbeing.



  • We do psycho drama workshops in schools. A fun way of getting an important message across to young minds.


Training Programs

  • We have a teacher training programme – to help them identify and manage their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of the children they teach.

Watch how we helped Tom Turn His life around

Tom was unsure of what to do with his life until we paired him up with our mentor Richie, an apps developer and business owner. Richie gave Tom advice, training and opportunities by allowing Tom to work with his team of app developers and even by publishing Tom’s work in his company’s magazine.

Consequently, Tom decided to study Computers Science and Games Programming at University and is now in his final year. He is kindly donating his knowledge to help us develop a Mood Application app, available soon for download, to help young people manage their mental health and wellbeing.

“Children’s mental health doesn’t get the highest priority and is sometimes misunderstood. The profile of mental health needs to be changed. Julian Campbell Foundation’s drama workshop can be given at any time during their teenage years to show them how to raise their self esteem and overcome life’s challenges and is a great contribution to their [teenagers and young people] mental health and well being“.

Ms Maggie Lee, Deputy Head Teacher, Enfield County School (Partner Organisation)

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Awards :

Black Innovator In Mental Health Award 2020


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We train mentors with an accredited program and run drama workshops.


Improve the lives of youth affected by poor mental health.