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Our mentoring programme is available to young people, aged 11-25, struggling to manage their mood or who need some extra support dealing with emotional/stressful situations.

Mentors offer 12, 1-hour sessions to each mentee. During this time the mentor will support the mentee whilst helping them to identify and manage their mood, equipping them with knowledge and tools to manage their own mental wellbeing after the sessions finish.

Young people do not need a diagnosis to access our mentoring service.

If you think you or a young person you know would benefit from our mentor programme, please contact us at

If you would be interested in being a mentor please visit our volunteer with us page to find out more.

Our Drama Workshops

Acting Up! is our drama workshop, designed for all young people, not just those that need help and support. These workshops help young people to manage their mood and identify when they need to ask for help.

Acting Up! explains the main four mood states, depressed, calm (both low energy) and action and stress (both high energy states) and demonstrate how easily we all can shift from one mood state to the next, sometimes, in the blink of an eye. Young people are shown how to detect the mood of their friend, then asked to reflect the mood of their friend, before identifying ways their friend could change their mood.

This high energy workshop is followed by another class to reinforce these methods of mood management and are of benefit to supporting young people to manage their stress, anxiety and depression. Many students told us they would use what they had learned to manage their anxiety before their exams.

If you are interested in acting up workshops please contact

Teacher Training Programme

Our flagship courses include ‘Teacher Training Programmes’ and ‘Youth Mentoring Programmes’. These courses provide support to professionals to identify what a young person is dealing with, helping them to become stronger and more confident, especially in controlling his or her life.

Our Teacher Training Programmes are designed for professionals working with children to identify young people in mental distress as early as possible. Research shows that a young person waits on average, up to 10 to 12 years from the time of showing symptoms of mental ill health to the time they start receiving treatment for their condition.

To promote mental health and well-being in our society, early identification and management is crucial. Currently in UK schools nationwide, 39% teaching staff have mental health training and can identify the 20% to 30% of young people suffering from mental distress. This leaves the majority of teachers and non-teaching staff un-informed about what it actually looks like when young people are dealing with mental difficulties. Our Teacher Training Programme is designed to combat this and equip more educational staff with the knowledge they need to identify potential mental health problems early.

The more children and young people will receive specialist help, resulting in improved mental health, the starker the reduction in suicide and self harm within this group will be.

Mood Management Training

We work particularly with young people who experience mood disorders. More recently we have additionally worked with those suffering from mental health issues resulting from the trauma of moving; refugees and asylum seekers who have moved country and may also have been moved around the UK, and people who have been moved from high rise accommodation that has been considered unsafe.

Of the interventions offered by Julian Campbell Foundation, mood management training is the most significant.

When shown how to manage their moods and mental wellbeing at an earlier age, young people are more able to care for their own emotional health and well-being throughout their lives, thus enabling them to be more happy, effective and productive.

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