Acting Up: A Drama Based Workshop

Drama Based Workshop on Mental Health and Wellbeing

The Julian Campbell Foundation has integrated the philosophy that underpins Mood Mapping into a drama-based workshop to facilitate a greater understanding of mental health with the younger communities.

Acting Up uses creative drama to help children understand their moods and emotional wellbeing in a safe, controlled space.

It encourages children to understand how their mood affects their behaviour, for example, why it is better to be in a good mood than a bad mood, how a bad mood affects the people around you.

It gives them some pointers as to how they can learn to manage their own mood and emotions depending on what they want or need to do, and who he or she is with.

Acting Up involves games, roles play, and forming their own mood map in the room. These activities help children understand better how to react with each and how to better manage their own internal state. This can help them be less compelled to act on every impulse, help them develop a sense of calm or become active depending on their circumstances and what they want to achieve.

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