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Purpose of Julian Campbell Foundation


Julian Campbell Foundation (JCF) is a charity that supports children and young people suffering from any type of undiagnosed mental distress. At the heart of our charity we provide training to professionals to support children and young people with mood management. Our flagship courses are our teacher training programmes and our mentoring programmes which provide support to identify what the young person is dealing with so we can empower and enable them to manage their moods. In addition to these programmes, we also provide therapeutic drama in schools as a means to empowering children and young people to manage their mental wellbeing and  are now starting an alternative provision to provide more support and encouragement for young talented individuals to achieve more varied forms of mood management, in addition to GCSE/BTEC and other accredited programmes.


Currently in our schools nationwide, 39% teaching staff have mental health training and can identify the 20% to 30% young people suffering from mental distress in our schools. This leaves the majority of teachers and non teaching staff uninformed about what it actually looks like when young people are dealing with mental difficulties. To promote mental health and well-being in our society, early identification and management is crucial.


The thing that makes Julian Campbell Foundation courses different from other other training courses is our focus on mood identification and management; for example, our teacher training courses  show professionals what stress looks like in the classroom, what  anxiety looks like in the classroom and what depression looks like in the classroom. This knowledge will inform that teacher as they would be able to employ teaching strategies that would be most effective for that young person’s mood.


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