Fun Run—an event

JCF’s upcoming Fun Run—an event designed to ignite your spirit of adventure while making a meaningful impact in our community. As organisers, we’re thrilled to invite you on this journey of health, camaraderie, and giving back. In this edition, we’ll dive into all the exciting details of our upcoming Fun Run, from event logistics to the incredible benefits of participation. So, whether you’re a seasoned runner or looking to take your first steps towards a healthier lifestyle, join us as we pave the way for a memorable experience filled with fun, fitness, and philanthropy.

Event details

Mark your calendars for a memorable day of fitness and fun! Join us on June 29, 2024, at the picturesque Firs Farm Park located in Enfield, and this will be possible virtually too!!  You can make a choice for which option suits you best. Get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure as we gather for the much-anticipated Fun Run organized by JCF. From the scenic surroundings to the vibrant atmosphere, this event promises to be an unforgettable experience for participants of all ages.

Benefits of participation

Participating in a fun run can offer numerous benefits, including:

Physical Health: Fun runs provide an opportunity to engage in physical activity and improve cardiovascular health. Regular participation can help strengthen muscles, improve endurance, and boost overall fitness levels.

Mental Well-being: Exercise releases endorphins, which can help reduce stress, anxiety, and symptoms of depression. Fun runs offer a fun and supportive environment to unwind, clear your mind, and improve mental well-being.

Social Connection: Fun runs bring together people from diverse backgrounds who share a common interest in fitness and supporting a cause. It’s a great way to meet new friends, connect with like-minded individuals, and build a sense of community.

Sense of Achievement: Crossing the finish line of a fun run, regardless of distance, can instill a sense of accomplishment and pride. Setting and achieving personal goals, whether it’s completing the race or improving your time, can boost self-esteem and confidence.

Supporting a Cause: The fun run is organised as a fundraising event to support JCF’s community initiatives. Participating allows you to contribute to a meaningful cause and make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Family Bonding: The Fun runs welcome participants of all ages, making it a great opportunity for families to bond and spend quality time together. Parents can set a positive example for their children by promoting a healthy and active lifestyle

Exploring New Places: The Fun run will take place in a scenic location. Participating allows you to explore a new place, enjoy a scenery, and discover.

Why Participate?

– Team Building: Strengthen bonds and boost team spirit in an exciting way.
– Social Responsibility: Showcase your commitment to community engagement.
– Impact: Make a tangible difference by raising funds for a deserving charity.
– Memories: Create lasting memories while experiencing the thrill of skydiving.

About JCF

The Julian Campbell Foundation is a charity whose purpose is to support children and young people experiencing mental health difficulties. All the members of this organisation have a commitment to facilitate students and their success in education and employment.

“Empowering young people to manage their wellbeing so that they can reach their full potential.”

Julian Campbell Foundation’s goal is to improve the lives of young people through early intervention/promotion of mental health in educational establishments, such as schools, colleges, universities by providing practical and emotional support to them and their families through befriending and mentoring service in a person-centred way.
To provide training to professional staff on ways to identify various moods that affects young people’s learning and behaviour as well as highlighting methods of mood management.

Julian Campbell Foundation look forward to a time when all people regardless of their condition, whether physical or psychological can enter the educational arena, find their purpose and have the life they dream of. We wish to live in a time, when all young people have the freedom and support to study whatever they choose to be the contribution that they are to society.

Safety measures
Safety is paramount when organizing a fun run to ensure the well-being of participants. Here are some safety measures

1. Route Safety

2. Medical Support

3. Participant Communication

4. Hydration Stations

5. Traffic Control

6. Emergency Response Plan

7. Participant Tracking

8. Weather Monitoring

9. Crowd Control

10. Post-event Support

How to get involved

To become part of this exciting event, simply click on the registration link provided below. Once there, follow the prompts to secure your spot in the Fun Run and join us in making a positive impact on our community.

Volunteer opportunities

If you’re passionate about making a difference and want to contribute to our cause, we invite you to explore volunteer opportunities with the Julian Campbell Foundation. From assisting with event logistics to spreading awareness in the community, there are various ways you can get involved and make a meaningful impact. Whether you have a few hours to spare or want to take on a more substantial role, your support is invaluable to us. Reach out to us directly to learn more about how you can volunteer with the Julian Campbell Foundation and help us create positive change in our community.

You can also support us by clicking on the link below and purchasing a t-shirt for charity.


As we wrap up this edition of our newsletter, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you who has joined us on this journey. Your enthusiasm, support, and dedication are what make events like the JCF Fun Run possible. We’re excited to see you all at the starting line on June 29th, ready to embrace the adventure ahead.

Together, we’re not just running a race; we’re making a difference in the lives of young people in our community. Your participation, whether as a runner, volunteer, or supporter, helps us fulfill our mission of empowering youth and promoting mental health awareness.

As we countdown the days to the Fun Run, let’s continue to spread the word, lace up our sneakers, and rally together for a day filled with fun, fitness, and philanthropy. Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey, we couldn’t do it without you.

See you at the finish line!

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